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Saturday, 5 July 2014

What are we going to do with you, Tony Abbott? - - The Australian Independent Media Network

What are we going to do with you, Tony Abbott? - - The Australian Independent Media Network

What are we going to do with you, Tony Abbott?

What would you tell the lying Tony Abbott if you had the chance? AIMN reader Colin Price
has a few choice words that – I would like to think – speak on behalf
of the army of Australians who are fed up with both his lies and
contempt. Here is what Colin says:

What are we going to do with you, Tony Abbott? Your performance to date is enough to make me want to “put you in a chaff bag and throw you out to sea“.
Or perhaps I should get Scott Morrison to do it for me, at least that
way it would simply be passed off as an ‘On Water Operational Issue’ and
there would be no accountability required.

The problem Australia now has with you Abbott; is that you assumed that the average citizen would simply accept the long list of lies
you made in the final hours of the 2013 election campaign – “No cuts to
education, no cuts to health, no change to pensions, no change to the
GST and no cuts to the ABC or SBS.”

Abbott; you and your cronies assumed that the average Australian
would be sucked in by simplistic and deceptive slogans like “Budget
Emergency” and “Labors Mess”. Don’t get me wrong; Australia could do a
little better and tighten it’s purse strings to pull back the debt the Liberal Fraser Government racked up
(this of course is after inheriting zero net government debt from the
Labor Whitlam Government in 1975-76). A Liberal Debt that both major
parties have since failed to recover us from.

Definition of ‘EMERGENCY’: A sudden, urgent, usually unexpected occurrence or occasion requiring immediate action.

We did however survive the terrible GFC of 2007/2008 under Labor, and
the Credit Suisse World Wealth Report of October 2013 ranked
Australians as the richest people in the world.
With a median wealth of US$219,500 per adult, we sit comfortably ahead
of Luxembourg on $182,768. So a ‘Budget Emergency’? – I think it’s more
like an ‘Abbott Governing Emergency’.

However – I could be wrong! Maybe we do have a ‘Budget Emergency’; that would certainly explain the very important pledge of 16 million dollars
to the Cadbury factory in Tasmania (to re-establish the “Famous
Chocolate Tours” – while rejecting SPC Ardmona’s request for assistance
thus keeping people employed in the long term). Of course other
important issues we would expect to be discussing during a ‘Budget
Emergency’ include the re-establishment of ‘Knights & Dames’, the very pressing issue of the rolling back of Section 18C
of the Racial Discrimination Act in order to make it even easier for
people such as yourself to act as a bigot, and let’s not forget the
brilliantly timed suggestion of a ‘Paid Parental Leave’ scheme – An
essential component of any ‘Budget Emergency’!

Definition of
‘LYING’: The telling of lies, or false statements; untruthfulness.
Telling or containing lies; deliberately untruthful; deceitful; false: a
lying report. Synonyms: deceptive, misleading, mendacious, fallacious;
sham, counterfeit, falsehood, falsity, mendacity, prevarication.

There are a few other bits and pieces that make you as about as
unpalatable as an off prawn … Let me think, oh yes there is this: “And
why not, if you will permit me; why shouldn’t I, if you will permit me;
spend my first week as prime minister, should that happen, on this, on
your, country.”

The crowd cheered and applauded, and no-one there could have taken that as anything other than a commitment by you to spend your first week as Prime Minister on Yolngu land.

Well, Abbott, you didn’t quite make it during that first week to
Yolngu land, but this happens instead: Indigenous affairs hit by ‘savage budget cuts‘.

I can kind of understand why you were unable to keep your commitment
to the Australian Indigenous community – particularly with your huge
self sacrifice in taking on the role as Minister for Women.
Who better than Tony Abbott for the job; especially following your
glowing reference in relation to the treatment of women by our first
female Prime Minister – Julia Gillard.

Julia Gillard: “Misogyny, sexism, every day from this Leader of the
Opposition. Every day in every way, across the time the Leader of the
Opposition has sat in that chair and I’ve sat in this chair, that is all
we have heard from him.”

Tony; let’s face it this is not the first time you have made errors
when it comes to dealing with what is socially acceptable behaviour and
what is not. I am sure you would recall how in 1997 you insisted on
providing a character reference for Catholic priest John Gerard Nestor
following child sexual abuse allegations. Your character reference
described Fr Nestor as “a beacon of humanity”.

The Catholic Church never allowed Nestor to return to ministry, he
was struck off the clergy list by the Vatican after lengthy inquiries.
In a letter sent to the Wollongong diocese in 2009, the Vatican said it
made the decision on “grave reasons“.

I am not suggesting that you knew of or condoned of any abhorrent
behaviour against a child. However; considering your past errors of
judgement, surely you would do everything possible not to be seen to be
bias or protecting the Catholic Church in regard to child sexual abuse,
and you would do everything possible to protect children from sexual
abuse in the future?

Apparently not – ‘Abbott government redirects $4m from royal commission into child sexual abuse into home insulation scheme inquiry’.

The Liberal party policies assume the very worst in everyone and hugely generalize in the most negative ways; kicking our young people in the guts
as soon as they finish school. Furthermore; based on completely false
pretences the Liberal party policies portray our seniors (who have
worked hard all there lives and now simply expect affordable cost of
living including the health care they need) as a burden on Australian society.

Tony – Before the election you promised
that the Liberals would deliver “A no surprises, no excuses government,
because you are sick of nasty surprises and lame excuses from people
that you have trusted with your future …”

So far all we have seen is surprise after surprise, lie after lie,
and blatant contempt and secrecy towards the Australian voting public
and greater global community. In closing, here area couple more to chew

Government won’t name expert reviewers of Australia’s national curriculum’.

Asylum plan defies law and decency’.

Get my message, Tony? What are we really going to do with you?

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