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Friday, 6 June 2014

Abbott embarrasses Australia abroad — again

Abbott embarrasses Australia abroad — again

PM Tony Abbott is touring the world; meanwhile,
Australians cringe, mortified, wondering what international ignominy he
will bring upon their nation next. Alan Austin reports from France.

WITH PM TONY ABBOTT on a tour of Indonesia, Europe, Canada and the
United States, the embarrassments for both him and Australia are

Few newsrooms here in France bothered to mention Abbott’s visit yesterday to commemorate the D-Day landing 70 years ago with other heads of state.

One journal which did, Le Point, wrote scathingly of Abbott’s offensive D-Day speech, which allocated just 30 seconds to the historic military event. Then – enchaîne directement sur les intérêts économiques – linked this directly to his economic self-interest.

The journal hopes that Abbott regrette déjà ses paroles (will now regret his words).

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Abbott embarrasses Australia abroad — again

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