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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Wrong Priorities

Tony Abbott said time and time again before the election
that he wouldn’t change the pension. This week we found out that is
exactly what he is planning to do. 

It just goes to show the twisted priorities of
the Prime Minister and his government – Tony Abbott wants to pay
millionaire mums $75,000 to have a baby, but wants to cut the payments
of about 2.3 million age pensioners.

It simply leaves me asking: Why are the priorities of
this Prime Minister so twisted? Why are the people who can least
afford it the first to cop it, and the people who can most afford it
the first to get a top up?

We need to tell Tony Abbott that Australians
don’t support changes to the pension. Can
you watch and share this message from June, an aged pensioner, who
thinks the Prime Minister’s priorities are all wrong?

At the last election, Tony Abbott promised our
pensioners he would not cut their pensions – he is now betraying the
trust of pensioners who took him at his word.

and share this video from June and help us spread the

I don’t support the Prime Minister's cuts to the Age
Pension and Labor will oppose these cuts every step of the way.

Together we can spread the word on Tony Abbott’s twisted
priorities. Thanks for helping to play your part.


Bill Shorten
Leader of the Opposition

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