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Tuesday, 29 April 2014

So let me get this straight.....

So let me get this straight.....

So let me get this straight…..

So let me get this straight,

If I earn over $80,000 I am going to asked to pay for the $68 billion
that Joe Hockey has added to the deficit by his party’s policies.

I have to pay for Hockey’s $9 billion gamble on the Aussie dollar going down.

I am going to have to cough up money to give billions to the worst
polluters so they can upgrade their factories and many more billions in
fossil fuel subsides to wealthy mining companies.

I am going to have to pay women on very high salaries almost
$3000/week to watch their nanny look after their kid for 6 months whilst
they get a rebate for employing her.

I am going to have to pay for a huge fleet of fighter jets to protect
me from who? Do you really think we can beat China in a war? If America
needs us to help then I am sure they would provide the jets. Hey we
could even lend them an airbase to use their own bloody jets to bomb
whoever the hell they want to next time. Won’t it all be done by the
unmanned drones that I will also be paying for?

Tony is spending over $10 billion on his war games against asylum
seekers. I refuse to pay for that. I don’t want to pay over $1 million
for Jim Molan to be our “Special Envoy” never to be heard from again. I
don’t want to pay $200,000 for every orange life raft that gets used
once to set asylum seekers adrift on the ocean. I don’t want to give
billions to a security firm that maims the people they are hired to

I don’t want to spend billions on roads whilst ignoring public
transport. I want cost benefit analyses done by Infrastructure Australia
and I want THEM, the experts, to decide on priorities rather than our
“Infrastructure Prime Minister for Women and Aborigines”.

I don’t want to pay over $600 million for Tony to buy two big new
planes to fly himself and his entourage of Murdoch press, film crews,
and businessmen around the world.

I don’t want to spend over $5 million on bomb-proof BMWs to drive Tony around.

I don’t want to pay millions for Tony Abbott to fly backward and
forwards to Canberra because he decided to live at Kirribilli House so
Margie could keep working and he could keep surfing. When John Howard
did that it cost us over $18 million in flights to and from Canberra.

I don’t want to pay for a Royal Commission into the Home Insulation
Scheme. There have already been 8 investigations which have made many
recommendations. This is a pointless political witch hunt that you want
US to pay for. Same for the RC into unions. We have ICAC and similar
bodies, as well as the police and judicial system, who already have the
resources, experience, and authority to deal with corruption and
intimidation.  Why not set up an integrity department that keeps an eye
on all you bastards.

I don’t want to pay $16 million for Cadbury to reintroduce factory tours.

I don’t want to pay $10 million to the Manly Sea Eagles to upgrade their grandstand.

Must I pay $4.3 million for a research company to trawl through
millions of Australian social media posts to advise the government on
its immigration policies? Between Scott Morrison and the immigration
department alone, you already employ 90 spin doctors. What are THEY
doing that you need to pay millions to someone else to look at stuff
that is freely available?

All of these reviews and audits and consultants and white papers and
green papers are costing us a fortune. The Commissioners of Audit were
paid $1500 a day each. Does this imply that NONE of your policies had
any basis in fact or solid grounding or research behind them and now you
must pay people to make them into something credible? Why use
PriceWaterhouseCoopers when we have Treasury, Finance, the Productivity
Commission, the Parliamentary Budget Office? Am I to pay for you to get
the answers you want to hear?

I don’t want to contribute $2.2 million legal aid for farmers and miners to fight native title claims.

As Opposition Leader, Tony Abbott claimed over $1 million a year in
entitlements, on top of his salary. I don’t want to pay thousands of
dollars for him to take part in fun runs and charity rides.

I don’t want to pay for jobs for the boys like $320,000 for Tim
Wilson who had a job made for him and gifted to him with no
qualifications, experience, interview, or application process.

I don’t want to pay for George Brandis’ bookshelves or Tony’s designer rugs.

If we keep the carbon tax and the mining tax and cut all the above
wasteful expenditures then we will be a long way towards cutting the
deficit without ME having to foot the bill for your decisions which,
might I say, show you have absolutely NO idea about spending priorities.
I doubt any of you have ever had to work to a budget before because you
are making a god almighty mess of it and if I am going to pay to get us
out of trouble then I want a say on how it is spent!

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