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Friday, 13 February 2015

The Week That Was - in 7 songs - The AIM Network

The Week That Was - in 7 songs - The AIM Network

The Week That Was – in 7 songs

Music to kick off the weekend, inspired by some of the big events in news and politics, and reflect on the week that was.

Just Go Away – Blondie
Don’t go away mad

Just go away (go away)

Go away and stay away

– Deborah Harry

Tony Abbott no longer inspires fear, instead he is mocked and
ridiculed. His reign is over, and it is time for him to just go away.

More on this: Tony Abbott, Just F…F…Fade Away

Loser – Beck
I’m a loser

– Beck, Carl Stephenson

A song I would like to think runs through Tony Abbott’s head every
night as he tries to go sleep, and I hope his failure haunts him for the
rest of his days.

More on this: Will Tony Abbott’s words come back to haunt him?

Yellow Submarine – The Beatles

We all live in a yellow submarine

Yellow submarine, yellow submarine

– Lennon–McCartney

Another Tony Abbott broken promise, that the submarines would be built in Australia.

More on this: Who will build our submarines? The highest bidder, or the highest voter?

Tumbling Dice – The Rolling Stones
You got to roll me and call me the tumblin’ (dice),

Roll me and call me the tumblin’ (Got to roll me.) dice.

Got to roll me. Got to roll me.

– Jagger/Richards

Sleep with one eye open, Tony Abbott, there will be a spill soon, you
will be rolled, and it will straight to the backbenches for you.

More on this: Tony Abbott: Begging For His Job. Round 1.

Fox News: Go F*** Yourselves – Jon Stewart and gospel choir / The Daily Show
Fox… you’re truly a terrible cynical disingenuous news organisation

– Jon Stewart – The Daily Show

Jon Stewart, the US comedian and parody news show host announced his was stepping down from his The Daily Show. This song from Stewart reflects an attitude that many people may have towards Fox and their owner Rupert Murdoch.

More on this: #Murdoch’s Machiavellian Manoeuvres

You Think You’re A Man – Divine
Shut the door, take a giant step for you and all mankind

Then don’t come back

– Geoff Deane

Inspired by a tweet from Fake Penny Wong, and this is for many, from both sides of politics who have no compassion for refugee children.

More on this: You should be ashamed of yourself

Sweeter Tomorrow – Margie Joseph
So, you’ve been laid off baby, from the factory,

you’re car’s been repossessed by the finance company

The unemployment rate hit 6.4% this week, the last time it was this
high was in 2002, when Tony Abbott was the Minister for Employment in
the Howard Government. Life may be tough now, there will be a sweeter

More on this: A bombshell hits some Job Networks

Disclaimer: this post is not an endorsement by or of any of the linked articles.

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