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Saturday, 17 May 2014

F*** you, Tony Abbott

F*** you, Tony Abbott

F*** you, Tony Abbott

Alex McKean 17 May 2014, 11:00am 8

There are times in life when people deserve only one
response — and Tony Abbott deserves just one after this year's budget,
says barrister Alex McKean.

There are some times in life when the only response to the person you are dealing with is a resounding:

 ‘Fuck You!!’

These are the times when all eloquence fails, when the social
niceties can safely be ignored. Times when the provocation is so great
that reversion to the time-honoured phrase really is the only sensible

This is one of those moments. Sitting and watching the smug, sneering
faces of the prime minister and his cronies, as they bring down the
worst budget in living memory — this was the response I hurled at the TV

This budget is the act of a 4 year-old-child.

A creature not yet capable of building anything and whose only
motivation is to destroy what others have built. The bully who jumps
into the sandpit with the smaller kids and stomps on their sandcastles.

This budget is an unparalleled act of political bastardry, a vindictive spray saved up since Tony’s Uni days.

But don’t we need to tighten our belts and all pull together for the common good? Isn’t this the justification for the bastard budget from hell?

No. The fact of the matter is there is no budget emergency.

Australians, however insulated we may have been back in the 1950’s,
where this budget had its ideological genesis, are now connected to the
rest of the world. We can see and decide for ourselves whether we are
living in a country with an outstanding financial position – we are – or
languishing in irredeemable debt — we are, most definitely, not.

This is the big lie.

This is the fiction Tony and Joe hope the voters of Australia will swallow.

‘Oh well’, they think we will all shrug, ‘we have to make hard choices and put the budget back in surplus’, turning back to the treadmill — or, more accurately, preparing to fly out from their family to some remote coal mine.

To the extent there is a problem with the structure of the budget, it
is created by choices made by none other than Tony himself. Budgets are
about choices. Anyone who has to decide between groceries and seeing
their GP knows this.

This budget is Tony and Joe sitting down to have a nice lunch with
Gina — and then the waiter and the dishpig pick up the bill. ‘Thank you
so much sirs and madam for eating your fill at our expense’ we will say,
tugging obsequiously at the forelock.

This budget is an attack on every member of Australian society who
does not go into their online baking and see at least 7 figures to the
left of the decimal.

It attacks the young by making it more expensive and difficult to
study and become productive, flourishing members of society. God forbid
you happen to live in an area where there is high unemployment. Tony has
made a beggar of anyone under the age of 30 who is not able to find a
job and cannot afford the exorbitant cost of study.

Abbott has also has neatly sidestepped the WorkChoices speed-bump.
What sort of pay and conditions is a young person going to agree to work
for where the alternative is six months of zero income?

Enter the era of exploitation of people under 30 by unscrupulous
employers who know the alternative for their workers is homelessness and
starvation. After all, Tony is the bloke who famously said:

"A bad boss is a little bit like a bad father or a bad husband … you find that he tends to do more good than harm."

The budget attacks the old and the sick, at least those who are not
so wealthy as to be able to fund every anticipated expense in retirement
and ill-health. The budget attacks the disabled, it attacks women, it
attacks the indigenous.

The only things this budget does not attack is billionaires, mining companies and banks, as far as I can tell.

The real Tony Abbott has definitely stood up now he is in power — and
can inflict payback for all those years in the shadow of Howard,
waiting for the Rudd/Gillard Governments to finally implode.

The pent up frustration of years is exposed as the pubescent teenage
masturbation fantasies of an extremist explode onto an unsuspecting

And now the people are told by our overlords we were fools to believe any of the promises that now lie shattered at our feet.

Apparently. we were supposed to ignore some of the promises Tony made
before the election because of the ‘most significant’ promise that he
would bring the budget under control.

We are back to Howard's core and non-core promises — just under a slightly different name.

I sincerely hope journalists will now ask Tony on each occasion he
makes any form of promise, to indicate whether this is one to be ignored
or the ‘most significant’ promise, which actually counts.

Some people may say it is wrong to say ‘fuck you’ to an incumbent Prime Minister.

For some it may be a sign of a juvenile lack of ability to formulate a reasoned argument.

Some may simply be too delicate to sit at the keyboard and type those words.

These concerns aside, I encourage each and every Australian to end
this message to Tony and his cabal of arch-conservative muppets. I
implore you to send an email to Tony, to Joe, to Christopher or Julie, to Gina, event to Rupert, telling them too ‘Fuck Off!’.

I don’t care if you use a slightly different wording.

‘Get fucked!’

is totally acceptable.

As is

‘Go fuck yourself!

The message should be sent loud and it should be clear. It should
come from as broad a cross-section of the Australian community as

That is what is at stake here, nothing less than the future of our community and our way of life.

We stand at the crossroads.

Tony and his crew would like to take us down the path towards the
disaster that exists in the USA, where the poor are blamed for their
poverty and a dignified minimum is viewed with fear and loathing as some
form of socialism.

We have the numbers.

There are less of the billionaires, banks and big miners than real people who will suffer because of this bastard of a budget.

I for one will not stand for it.

Stand with me and tell this crowd of cretins to:

Fuck Off!

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