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Thursday, 29 May 2014

Call to Arms « The Australian Independent Media Network

Call to Arms « The Australian Independent Media Network

Call to Arms

coat of armsMake no mistake, we are under attack.  The very fabric of our wonderful society is being torn apart to satisfy the ambition of a man who once said

“We are all promoted to our own level of incompetence.  So sooner or later mine will be reached.”

We now have a government who thinks unfettered mining is desirable
and that environmental protections are an impediment.  They are willing
to sacrifice the reef and old growth forests for profit.

We have a government who thinks a 9th investigation into the Home Insulation Program is more important that the Royal Commission into systemic child sexual abuse.

We have a government who thinks jet fighter planes are more important
than education, excessive paid parental leave is more important than
pensions, and profits are more important than health.

University will become unaffordable to most, and techs and trade training centres are being closed.

Science and the Arts are irrelevant and research is a waste of money, unless it’s done by pollie pedal sponsoring big pharma.

We have a government who thinks the internet is for playing games, watching porn, and downloading movies.

School chaplaincy programs and marriage counselling vouchers are more important than welfare and advocacy groups.

CCTVs are supposedly more effective than the many early intervention crime prevention programs that have been axed.

Thousands of kilometres of asphalt will be laid with unknown benefit whilst public transport is ignored.

Instead of closing tax loopholes to address falling revenue, we give
amnesties to tax cheats, increase the amount that can be put into
superannuation at a reduced tax rate, and lower company tax, even though
it has been shown time and time again that companies and wealthy
individuals are legally rorting the system and paying very little if

We hear that young unemployed will be thrown to the wolves for 6
months of the year whilst their grandparents will work till they are 70,
presumably building Tony’s roads as that is the only plan they have for
creating jobs.

We have a government who is pinning the country’s future on fossil
fuels while the rest of the world moves to renewable energy.  This
aversion to renewable energy has cost us countless millions in lost

We have a Prime Minister for Indigenous Affairs who has slashed
millions of dollars in funding to hundreds of programmes that were
working to close the gap.  Charities and support groups have been

We have a government who wants to throw away tens of billions in
revenue from the carbon and mining taxes for no reason other than the
previous government introduced them.

We have a government that creates a job for Tim Wilson to be the
Human Rights Commissioner for Bigots while we sack the Human Rights
Commissioner for the Disabled.

We have a government who would prefer to see private debt spiral out of control rather than run a deficit.

We have a government that sees no responsibility to be a global
citizen.  We are a wealthy nation who is refusing to meet our Foreign
Aid commitments, our commitments to global action on climate change, and
our commitment to provide safe haven for asylum seekers.  Far from
being safe here, we send refugees into danger, locking them up
indefinitely without hope, persecuting them even though they have
committed no crime other than to ask for our help.

We have a government that condones torture and human rights abuses
and who actively assists regimes guilty of atrocities against their own

We have a government who is showing indecent haste to sell off the
assets that belong to all of us, assuming that because they won an
election they have a right to do as they please.  Private companies run
for profit – they don’t care about equal opportunity and access for all
to essential services.  If it doesn’t make a profit then the service
will disappear.

One of my great uncles is buried in the fields of France, killed
during WW1.  My father fought in WW2 and, like so many of those who were
‘lucky’ enough to survive, the experience had a profound effect on him
and no doubt haunted him for the rest of his life.

Are the sacrifices that so many have made before us to be for
nothing?  Were the battles fought, that have made this such a wonderful
country, won in vain, to be surrendered as we raise a white flag to
corporate greed?

This attack on our country must be repulsed.  It is up to every one of us to stand together and defend our way of life.


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