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Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Shock Jock Blitz - The AIM Network

Shock Jock Blitz - The AIM Network

Shock Jock Blitz

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Will the Prime Minister, Tony Abbott produce his RN (Renunciation Form) to confirm that he has renounced his British citizenship?

The question still has not been answered.

The social media campaign that began with Tony Margratha nearly 12 months ago, citing Sections 44 and 46 of the Australian Constitution
will not go away. But, given the obstinacy of the Prime Minister in
failing to respond, one would think it is time the protagonists cranked
up the campaign and shifted into another gear.

The one galling factor in all of this is the apparent unwillingness
of the MSM to take up the issue and place sufficient pressure on the PM
to produce his RN form. One can only imagine the passion with which that
same MSM would have approached this matter had the focus of their
attention been Julia Gillard.

So if anyone is willing to take up the issue, the following hints
might be helpful. Every morning and afternoon radio shock jocks around
the country present various items for discussion. Then at some point
they invite listeners to call in and raise any subject they like.

Mitchell, Jon Faine, Raphael Epstein and Tom Elliot in Melbourne, Alan
Jones, Ray Hadley, Steve Price in Sydney, Bob Francis in Adelaide, Eoin
Cameron in Perth and a host of others around the country all invite our
opinions on various topics every week day. Readers in Brisbane, Perth,
and Hobart will know other local talk back hosts.

As these are the people who try to influence the way we think about
various subjects, this is where the issue of Tony Abbott’s citizenship
should be raised; in an open forum. Each of these people should be
approached and not just once but multiple times, daily, weekly. This is
what election campaigners do, where supporters get on the phone and push
their agenda.

This is what those who feel strongly enough about Abbott’s alleged dual citizenship should do.

It would seem that emailing your local member or any member of
parliament is a waste of time. From a dozen or so emails I have sent I
have received only one reply, that from Kathy McGowan in Indi, who was
willing to take up the matter only if I was a member of her
constituency. I am not.

who are willing to go the shock jock route should prepare themselves
adequately. Don’t expect to be treated softly. Read as much as you can
of the information already posted online. Have a prepared script with
all the relevant detail in front of you. Print out the reply received
from The Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet on the left. Study
the articles here, and here and here.

If asked by the radio producer what your subject matter is, be
upfront unless they appear unwilling to put you on. If you find yourself
in an endless queue, try again the next day, this time be vague about
your subject matter. They might be trying to avoid you.

Try to anticipate what questions you might be asked; have answers
ready. This is all basic campaign drill procedure. If you have never
done this before you will probably be nervous. Don’t be put off; by your
third try you will sound like a professional. Well, maybe it’s not a
good idea to sound like a professional, but you know what I mean.

Anyway, I’m going to give it a go. How about you?

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