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Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Australians for Honest Politics set for a revival? - The AIM Network

Australians for Honest Politics set for a revival? - The AIM Network

Australians for Honest Politics set for a revival?

As reported by John Kelly
in September, there has been an ongoing investigation into Tony
Abbott’s eligibility to enter Parliament as dual citizenship precludes
you from running for office.

Tony Magrathea filed a Freedom of Information application to the
Office of the Prime Minister and Cabinet. Peta Credlin rejected his
request stating, “The document you have sought is not an official
document of a Minister and therefore there is no right of access to the
document under the FOI Act.”

Ninemsm also asked for confirmation that the Prime Minister had
renounced his British Citizenship. They were advised by the Department
of Prime Minister and Cabinet that, “The Prime Minister is an Australian
citizen and does not hold citizenship of any other country.”

Robert McMahon, Assistant Secretary of the Parliamentary and
Government Branch, apparently disagrees with Credlin’s stonewalling.

On October 8 he responded to a FOI application lodged by Jan Olsen with the following:

Having regard to my knowledge of where documents
potentially relevant to the applicant’s request would be held, if they
existed, the following locations were searched:

  • The Department’s file management system
  • The Department’s current and former ministerial correspondence database
  • Computer drives of relevant branches in the Department
  • Email accounts of current officers in relevant branches in the Department
As a result of these searches, no relevant documents were found in the Department.

I am satisfied that all reasonable steps have been taken to identify
documents relevant to the applicant’s request and that no documents
relevant to the request are in the possession of the Department.

The British Home Office, following a FOI request, have also been
unsuccessful in finding Tony’s RN form which relinquishes British

I wonder where Credlin gets her information from and why she is keeping it a secret.

And now another rather ironic possible connection has emerged.

In the Sue vs Hill case, Henry Sue, a voter from Queensland, disputed
the election of Hill and filed a petition under the Commonwealth
Electoral Act 1918 in the High Court of Australia, sitting in its
capacity as the Court of Disputed Returns. Sue argued that on the date
of Hill’s nomination to the Senate she was still a citizen of the United
Kingdom and thus, because of the operation of section 44 of the
Australian Constitution, was ineligible to be elected to the Parliament
of Australia.

Terry Sharples, a former One Nation candidate who had stood for the
Senate in the 1998 election as an independent candidate, made a similar
petition. Because both cases involved constitutional questions, and were
substantially identical, they were heard together from 11–13 May 1999.

In 1998, Abbott privately agreed to bankroll Terry Sharples, a disaffected One Nation member, to take legal action against Pauline Hanson.

Less than 2 weeks later, he categorically denied to the ABC that he
had done so, and 18 months later he repeated the lie, this time to the
Sydney Morning Herald’s Deborah Snow. But when she confronted him with
his signed personal guarantee, he said that:

‘…misleading the ABC is not quite the same as misleading the Parliament as a political crime’.

He then created a slush fund he called Australians for Honest
Politics and raised $100,000 for it from 12 people he declined to name.
The fund began bankrolling more court actions against Hanson and her

Could Tony’s slush fund have financed the Sharples vs Hill case?

I wonder if Geoffrey Robertson might be interested in taking on a crowd-funded People vs Abbott case?

Like this:

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